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We are real estate pioneers focused on visibility, story telling and the hyper local housing market. We are not just another mechanical, uncreative real estate experience. Our focus isn’t about us and what we’ve accomplished, it’s 100% about YOU, the customer and YOUR personal real estate story. The reason YOU will choose to work with us because we will solve YOUR real estate quest by evaluating YOUR needs and most importantly, truly listen to YOUR real estate desires. We exist 100% to serve YOU, to create YOUR real estate story from idea to sold. 

Pier to Pier Group is the story of two entrepreneurs, Blake and Diana Roberts. The duo, along with help from family, friends and a heaping spoonful of moxie, started to build a small team that was packed with big plans for the future. Now, 16 years later, the business has grown and the team has developed a reputation for creating some of the best real estate marketing available. Blake and Diana have maintained a relentless focus on their people and their group, driven to enhance every aspect of the process that moves people from one home to the next. With an organization that thrives on doing what is right, Blake and Diana promise to promote our unique, and creatively driven business model.

Blake and Diana Roberts

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Every person that passes through our email or recent calls becomes a part of our family at Pier to Pier Group. Our clients are our lifeblood.
— BLAKE ROBERTS (CO-OWNER OF Pier to Pier Group)


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