Getting to know Culver City

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Culver City


The Ultimate Guide to Moving to Culver City

Culver City, soaked in moviemaking history, features a buzzing dining and nightlife scene, which includes globally inspired eateries, gastropubs and cozy cocktail bars. Occupying the MGM lot, which dates back to 1924, Sony Pictures Studios offers behind-the-scenes tours of its legendary sound stages. Other cultural highlights include spare but sophisticated art galleries, playhouses and the storied Culver Hotel.



The People
Culver City is packed with a mix of entertainment industry professionals and employees of some of the biggest companies in America. With movie studios and big tech companies right around here, they either aspire to be something great or work for the companies who make entertainment possible.

Home Prices
The median home value in Culver City is $1,171,600. Culver City home values have gone up 12.7% over the past year and they will continue to rise in the next year. Land size here is what is going to determine your value as well as how densely populated the area is.