Getting to know Downtown Los Angeles

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Downtown Los Angeles


The Ultimate Guide to Moving to Downtown Los Angeles

There's more than meets the eye in Downtown's concrete jungle of freeways, skyscrapers, sculptures, and convention centers. From its wholesale flower market and fashion district to its historic landmarks and gallery-sponsored art walks, Downtown is where diverging interests converge in this star-studded city on the coast. he once-cheap rents and many converted loft spaces of Downtown Los Angeles provided the preconditions to build a vibrant cultural scene in the neighborhood over the past 15 years, which today in turn attracts a lawyer or producer who would rather live in the middle of the din than in a bungalow in Silver Lake.




The People
Downtown LA truly is a melting pot of people from all walks of life. Over the last 10 years there has been a revitalization to areas of downtown which have attracted many business oriented people who can afford a high rise loft. There are also many hip areas which attract artists and writers like the Arts District. As with any downtown area, the good neighborhoods are right next some bad ones, which makes for an eclectic experience.

Home Prices
A once a post apocalyptic-like landscape for both the shifty and the brave, downtown has completely reinvented itself in the past few years. With a median sales price of $686,250, people actually live here now, without fear, taking up residence in refurbished lofts rooted in old-school Los Angeles history.

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