Getting to know Hermosa Beach

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Hermosa Beach


The Ultimate Guide to Moving to Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach is home to some of the most coveted beach land in the South Bay. We like to think of it as the cool younger sibling of Manhattan Beach. Tons of night life and activities happen all year long around the downtown area. Living here means the beach is your backyard and the sunsets are your entertainment.




The People
The people in Hermosa Beach are professionals who love the small beach town feel but also like their sunsets on ice. With the surf culture very much alive here, you will find people who have the day off from all around LA coming to soak up the beach sun and eat some of the best food in the South Bay. On any given day, rain or shine, you will find a mix of surfers, bikers, runners, and day drinkers all enjoying Downtown's small beach town charm.

Home Prices
The closer to the water, the higher the amount. Homes surrounding downtown are a bit pricey but come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Hermosa Beach is notorious for it's "tall & skinny" homes. Here you will find old beach bungalows on the Strand sitting next door to sparkling new contemporary beach pads. No yards here, if you need some space just look out your windows or go on your roof deck and enjoy the sunset from almost every angle. There are also a healthy amount of renters here.