Getting to know Manhattan Beach


Manhattan Beach


The Ultimate Guide to Moving to Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is one of the most iconic cities in Southern California with its famous pier and beautiful scenery. A Kodak moment from any angle, the Sand Section is home to some of the most expensive and sought after real estate on all of Los Angeles' coastline. Here you can enjoy world class restaurants or cruise the infamous Strand on a beach cruiser while the sun is setting.



The People
The people that live in the Manhattan Beach are a mix of business owners or successful professionals in their field. Most work in places like Downtown LA or Hollywood but often times can work from home. There is a strong sense of community here and you have to when your house is a couple feet apart from your neighbor. Locals can be found exercising, playing volleyball or surfing at all times of the day here. 

Home Prices
With property in Manhattan Beach, the price depends on location, if you can see the water expect to pay more. We have seen land along the sand go for $28 million and others coming closely behind that. In this area you can find architectural properties like Ray Kappa & KAA. Expect pretty much every home to be over $1 million throughout M.B. From the Hill Section, the Tree Section, to East Manhattan Beach, every home here is worth the investment.