The Solution for Wanting NEW NEW NEW

The Solution for Wanting


“I'm ceaselessly amazed how more recently in our HGTV-obsessed world home buyers are willing to pay a notable premium for a brand newly renovated or built property. Worse, I find that homes as new as 5-7 years old are considered OLD or USED by many. Home esthetics have become the new fashion.

Buyers - especially on the higher end - simply MUST have the latest and greatest of everything, and they feel like they are losing out if they don't. They are equally reluctant to do any work. The mere thought of a renovation - or even an upgrade - seems to turn many buyers off. It's nuts! But of course, in all challenges lies opportunity. It is because of this obsession with new, new, new that we as marketers of luxury real estate have to showcase properties at their very best. Often minor upgrades, paint colors, landscaping, contemporary furnishings, and art can sway the eye of the buyer dramatically.

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Few people have imagination. Even fewer people use their imagination in a world where they see LOTS of beautiful homes and interiors. The consumer has been spoiled and there is no turning back. Worse, to be able to afford a new home requires lots of hard work and long hours at the office.....which further reduces the desire or capability for doing renovation work. Most sellers are rewarded when they showcase perfection. Most sellers are shocked and dismayed when their 7-year-old renovation and decor are considered TIRED.

We as marketing professionals have to message this new reality loudly and clearly. Using Compass Concierge to offset the costs of upgrading is a perfect solution for sellers not willing to front the capital for improvements. Letting them know that without these improvements their property will be viewed not only as unfashionable and 'difficult' to buy, but worse, their property will be viewed as significantly less desirable AND less valuable.

Let the impact on value be the driving force to convince your clients that showcasing perfection is critical to a successful sale that commands the best selling price. buyers are willing to pay a premium for perfection, but they are unwilling (and often incapable) to buy a project. Many buyers also simply won't have the access to capital after closing to do the necessary work.”

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Source: Leonard Steinberg

Michael Maughan