Our mission is to break away from the traditional and broken model of agents tirelessly competing against one another, to create an environment that is collaborative and team based.



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While Compass truly encourages and celebrates the individual and promotes unique identities, there is a common thread that runs within everyone at Compass that truly makes us a community bound by mutual goals and beliefs based on positive aspirations and a sense of affection and collaboration. Unlike so many other brokerages that focus on their competitors, doing everything in their power to undermine them and speak poorly of them, the vast majority of the Compass Family is much more obsessed by our own personal goals and aspirations and they are not exclusively centered on 'winning' or making great strides at the expense of others.

Our ambitions - when focused and centered on doing the right thing within our collaborative community - will always triumph. Big has power. And while Compass is big, we really are thousands of individuals or teams within an eco-system called Compass, united by our common desire to elevate and legitimize our profession and the important role it plays in people's lives everywhere. If we do so with a sense of community and kindness - rather than fear-mongering and brazen ambition - we are certain to succeed in a manner benefitting of new, different, and better times. Profit, productivity and success matter, but they should always take a back seat to professionalism, ethics, kindness and compassion for one another, our peers and everyone we serve.